How to Choose a Great Carpet

It is very tempting to opt for the cheapest carpet on the market simply to save money, but this isn’t wise. In the long run, you’re better off buying high-quality carpet thanks to its durability. A cheap carpet may last only a couple of years before showing noticeable signs of wear, and it may be difficult to clean. It will also lose that plush feeling that makes carpet so appealing in the first place.


High-quality carpet, on the other hand, will perform like new for many years. It will maintain its structure better and will be easier to care for. It will take much longer for a quality carpet to wear down from years of heavy foot traffic. And high-quality carpet has a thickness and plushness that simply can’t be beat.


So does a high price always indicate high quality? Not always. Here are some features that will help you identify high-quality carpet, no matter what the price tag says.


Carpet Material


There are five major types of fibers used to make carpets, and each has its pros and cons. Your lifestyle and needs will play a big role in deciding which carpet material suits you best.


  •         Nylon is by far the most popular Houston carpet. It is durable and easy to maintain. However, it needs to be treated with stain protection every so often, as it is not naturally stain resistant.
  •         Triexta is naturally stain resistant and does not need to be treated with any kind of protection, so it’s a good choice for low-maintenance. It is a rather new fiber, but so far it seems to hold up well in high-traffic areas.
  •         Polyester feels nice, soft and cushy under your toes, but that’s about all that it has going for it. In terms of durability and easy maintenance, polyester is outperformed by the other fibers.
  •         Olefin is a good choice in low-traffic areas, since it has good stain resistance and is easy to clean but lacks the durability that would make it appropriate for hallways.
  •         Wool is a very luxurious option and has good stain resistance. Its main flaw is that it will fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

It is possible to buy carpets made with a blend of these different materials, which can help to bring out the best qualities in each.


Carpet Texture



Carpets come in six main textures, and it’s entirely up to you to decide which one appeals to you the most.


  •         Plush carpets have densely-packed fibers that stand straight up, and the top of the carpet is completely level.
  •         Berber is the name for carpets consisting of looped fibers tightly bound together. This texture is not considered very soft.
  •         Cut and Loop combines looped fibers with those that are cut and standing straight up. It is a good choice for high-traffic areas.
  •         Textured carpets are composed of loosely-packed fibers of varying lengths, which helps hide footprints, dirt and general wear.
  •         Friezé may be better known as “shag carpet” for its shaggy look, but it is exceptionally durable. It is like the textured carpet, except the fibers are twisted.
  •         Saxony carpets are just like plush carpets, except that instead of standing straight up, the fibers are twisted around.


Carpet Quality

Carpet quality is closely tied to its durability, or its ability to withstand the test of time and use. There are several factors that will determine whether or not a carpet is of good quality.


  •         Face weight refers to the number of fibers per square yard. The highest rating is 80 oz. and the lowest is 20 oz. A face weight of about 40 is considered very good.
  •         Tuft twist refers to how many times the fibers are twisted over a length of one inch. A higher twist is better, and a twist of five or higher is considered very good.
  •         Density rating refers to how heavy and densely packed the fibers are. Carpets with higher density ratings will resist wear and tear from heavy traffic better than those with lower ratings. A density rating of 2,000 or higher is considered very good. You can also check density by sight by bending back a carpet sample—if you can easily see the carpet backing through the fibers, the carpet is not very dense.


Taking the fiber material, carpet texture and overall carpet quality into account will help you find a suitable carpet within your price range. And don’t forget to be just as diligent about the quality of carpet pads; denser pads will make your carpet more comfortable.

Protecting Your Koi From Predators

When you imagine your koi pond, you probably picture an idyllic, beautiful and peaceful setting with happy, fat and colorful fish darting through crystal clear water.


What you probably don’t imagine is a Kingfisher diving down from the trees and flapping away with one of your precious koi fish speared on his beak like a kebab. Such a sight is certainly traumatic!


Other predators are likely to check out your pond at night and steal away your fish when you’re not around to catch them in the act. You’ll only notice something’s amiss when there’s one less fish in the pond than you remember seeing last time …


Koi have been known to live exceptionally long lives, sometimes up to 100 years old, but even the best food and best water quality won’t protect your koi from predators. How can you keep your fish safe?


Likely Predators


Although it may seem unlikely, not every bird of prey seeks out fish. Blue Herons, Kingfishers and Ospreys are common culprits.


Some amphibians may take up residence in your pond, which might seem fine at first. After all, they surely eat plenty of insects and pests. However, some large frogs, toads and turtles will eat your little baby koi, so watch out.


Many carnivorous mammals would be happy to take the opportunity to snag a meal from your pond. Raccoons and foxes are prime suspects, as are bears. Read up on the animals common to your area to find out which are likely to consider koi a tasty treat.


Also, don’t forget your own furry friends! If you have dogs and cats, their natural hunting instincts might kick in when they see your pond. They might even think you’ve just built a great toy for their entertainment. Don’t discount Fido if your fish suddenly turn up missing.


Good Solutions


Once you’ve identified the likely threats in your area, you can choose the most effective methods for protecting your koi. Here are some clever ideas to help:


  •         Cover the pond with netting or mesh. Although a bit unsightly, you can remove the mesh during the day when you’re most likely to be admiring your pond and when mammalian predators are less likely to be active.
  •         Use decoys. Much like a scarecrow keeps birds away from crops, a floating plastic alligator head is one way to scare critters away from your pond. To the undiscerning eye, it looks like a huge alligator or crocodile waiting to pounce. The benefit of a floating decoy is that it will move around in the water. Other decoys, like fake snakes or birds of prey, should be moved around often so that predators don’t become habituated to their presence.
  •         Install motion detectors and spotlights or alarms. Motion detectors placed strategically around your pond can activate alarms, spotlights or even sprinklers to scare predators away from the area. Just be sure to turn off the motion detectors when you’re working out in the yard or are entertaining guests.
  •         Install an electric wire around the pond. This is an especially good solution if you live in an area where you frequently see bears or other large predators, which can wipe out your pond in a single night, or if a sneaky raccoon has been stealing your fish every other night. The electric wire delivers a shock on contact, and it’s usually alarming enough to scare predators away for good.
  •         Put up a fence. If your dog is a little too interested in your koi pond, put up a simple but elegant fence to keep him away. For most dogs, a physical deterrent is enough to dissuade them. A fence is also a good idea if there is any possibility of small children being around your pond.
  •         Give your fish plenty of places to hide. Tunnels, logs, rocks, lily pads and other features can protect your fish from preying eyes or give them a place to shelter if something breaks the surface of the water. If predators can’t reach the fish, then you won’t have a problem. Lilly pads in particular can help shield the movement of the fish from birds flying overhead.

Unless you enjoy spending all of your time and money on the latest batch of koi fish for sale, protect your investment from predators with a little foresight.

Furniture Shopping Tips For Your Home

Furniture Shopping Tips For Your Home

Unless you only sit on cushions on the bare floorboards, you undoubtedly have many pieces of furniture in your home. However, even the best-made pieces do not last forever, and there may be times when you need to replace a chair or a sofa. Similarly, when you are moving into a new home, you may want to look for some new furniture for it.

When you are shopping for such items, there are some important things to remember. Rather than just grabbing your credit card and heading out the door, you need to stop and plan ahead. Doing so will help you save money so that you can afford as many nice pieces as possible.

Before you start shopping, sit down and work out a budget for yourself. How much can you afford to spend on new furniture? Do not stretch yourself too far just to buy the sofa of your dreams. You need to keep your spending modest so that you do not end up in debt.

If you really need to save money, you can always go shopping for used furniture. However, such pieces need to be purchased with caution. The last thing that you want to do is bring a chair or sofa into your home that is dirty or filled with pests. Only buy used pieces if you are certain of their condition.

In most cases, you will be better off buying new furniture. Shopping around is a good way to make sure that you get a good deal. Even if you find a great bargain on a particular item, it is worthwhile to check to see if any other stores are offering the same piece for a lower price.

Try to find furniture that comes with a warranty of some sort. Even a limited 30-day warranty is often long enough to let you figure out whether a particular piece is right for you. Many outlets offer longer warranties as well, so if you are concerned about damage, purchasing one of these protection packages may be a good investment.

For example, if you have young children or pets in your home, you know how hard they can be on furniture. Many nice pieces have been ruined by cats who use them as scratching posts or dogs that leap on them. Kids can spill drinks or food on the couch, or hide all sorts of interesting items under the cushions.

To avoid the need to be constantly replacing these items, you may want to purchase a protective cover. These can make your furniture last a lot longer. These covers can be found in many different styles, so you do not have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal just to protect your items from damage.

Shopping for new furniture can take some time, so do not delay the process for too long. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will find what you need. Keep these tips in mind so that you can bring home the perfect items for your decor.

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Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners: Use and Specification

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners: Use and Specification

How do they work?

This type of pool cleaner is a fully contained, self sufficient machine. Robotic pool cleaners are driven by their own motors and have another motor for vacuuming. Normally, they use a long extension cord for power. Unlike the suction-side and pressure-side pool cleaners, the robotic pool cleaners need to be removed when each cleaning is complete. Robotic pool cleaners cost more than the other two types of pool cleaners. However, you can expect to save money in the long run because you do not have to run your swimming pool pump while the pool cleaner is in use. Also, since a robotic pool cleaner has a built-in filter, it will prolong the life of your current swimming pool filter system. 


1. Extremely efficient at cleaning, especially small debris and leaves.

2. Many cleaners will also clean the steps and waterline tile of your pool.

3. Includes a self contained filter.

4. No extra stress is put on your current filter system.


1. Higher priced than suction or pressure-side cleaners.

2. Having to remove and insert the cleaner from the pool when needed.

3. Might be excessive for your size pool. 

Environmentally Recommended? 

Robotic swimming pool cleaners use less electricity because they do not have to run with the swimming pool pump. Plus, there are fewer chemicals that are lost even when the extra cycling of pool water is needed.

 While the pool provides many advantages and beautifies the overall appearance of the house, it also requires regular maintenance so that it stays clean and healthy. In this case, a robotic pool cleaner is a promising solution that prevents homeowners from doing the entire pool cleaning jobs manually. This electric appliance has a filtering system with the ability to remove dirt, debris, leaves and other unwanted materials from the pools without requiring pool drainage. 

Here are few Examples:


  1. Aquabot Pool ROVER S2-40 Automatic Above Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner Vacuum–   features hydraulic engineering and an independent filtration system into one revolutionary above ground pool cleaner. Simply plug it in, drop it into your pool and off it goes.
  1. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Above Ground Cleaner- If you’re looking for an above ground robotic pool cleaner to do the gritty work while you sit back and relax then this cleaner is right for you.

      3.  Aquabot Extreme– This robotic cleaner is ideal for cleaning floors and partial walls.


Basic features of Amethyst and Aquamarine

Basic features of Amethyst and Aquamarine


Amethyst is a semi-precious crystal that is often used in jewellery. It normally comes in violet color, which it gets from iron impurities and irradiation. Sometimes it comes in shades of pink, lilac and mauve.The darker the violet color, the more expensive the crystal. The best types of Amethyst stones are found in Sri Lanka, Siberia, Brazil and Far East. It is believed to have healing/mystical powers and has various other uses than justjewellery. It was once available to only the royal families but it is more widely available now. Because of its affordable price and availability, amethyst stones are now used as mass-market gems.

Color: The most costly type of amethyst is the strong reddish purple stone. Gemstone dealers prefer dark purple and saturated reddish purple amethyst. They however are not very interested in the once that are so dark that the brightness is reduced.Any color zoning or bronzed tints in the stone lowers its price value. The color of the gem can be lightened through heat treatment.



Aquamarine is a bluish green crystal used in jewellery. The color ranges from pale blue to beautiful aqua blue.It is also an affordable and easily available semi-precious gem. It usually comes from Brazil and Columbia. It belongs to the beryl crystal family. Beryl can be found abundantly in nature. When yellow or yellow orange it is called heliodor, and when bluish green it is called aquamarine. The rarest kind is the deep red beryl called bixbate.The shade of blue tint that an aquamarine stonefeature comes from traces of iron in its chemical composition. It is highly resistant to damage and hence can be easily mined off a rock or mineral.The color of aquamarine stones can be lightened through heat treatment. The yellow-green and yellow-brown stone is treated with heat at 752 and 842 Fahrenheit. This process permanently lightens the gem.

Cut: Aquamarines are highly resistant to inclusion which makes it very easy for the jewellers to cut and shape the stones into various styles. The traditional cuts are pear, square and oval. Various modern and vanity shapes are also available now.


The Polaris robotics,

The Polaris robotics,

 One of the effective automatic swimming pool cleaning equipments made by Polaris pool equipment services is the robotics. The robotics comprise of arrange of professionally designed equipments meant to provide the user with an experience in pool cleaning unique only to the Polaris products.

The company has specialized in the making of several range of robotic automatic pool cleaning service equipments some of which are:

The Polaris 9550 which is one of the newest kid in the Polaris robotic equipments which is made with very innovative features and has an easy to lift system. The machine also comes with a programmable time and the latest vortex vacuum technology.

The Polaris 9550 is also a new robotic relatively new in the pool cleaning equipment market .with their best class cleaning technology and the vortex vacuum cleaning technique and an easy to lift system, this robotic equipment aims at revolutionizing the pool cleaning services based on technology.

The Polaris 9350 sport is another automatic pool cleaner made using the robotic automated technology mechanism with a newly improved easy lift system.

Polaris 9400 is designed using the new 4WD technology which enables it to move freely on the pool surface there by making pool cleaning to be easy and fun.

Polaris 9300i is the most cost effective pool cleaning equipment thus making the pool owner to have the total control of the pool.

The Polaris 9300 sport robotic is highly exceptional in its mode of operation and so its services and performance is very high compared to some automatic pool cleaning equipments.

Polaris 9100 sport robotic is equipment which is made to deliver crystal clean pool with just an automated button.

The robotic is designed to provide pool owners and user with the comfort of clean and sanitized pool surfaces. Pool cleanliness is essential to avert water borne diseases, thereby reducing the cost of treatments and other medical procedures. It is not affirmed that the robotics are the best in pool cleaning though based on the information, they are quite effective in pool cleaning. The users are always advised to choose the best among the highly effective automatic pool cleaners available.


Lucky charm for generation next

Lucky charm for generation next

Like all other parents you are also worried about the future of your child. Every parent tries to ensure every facility for their children. They provide good food, good accommodation, best institution and whatever they can but after all the efforts in some cases that cute little child becomes a nightmare after being adult. Some people believe that in such cases supernatural powers may help. There are birthstones which are connected with every person according to the month they to birth and they are believed to be one’s lucky charm. In fact, from ancient times birthstones have been used to get good luck and good health. There are so many myths about each birthstone. According to a myth pearl is the hardened tears of a god and another myth says that a goddess turned a maiden named amethyst into a gemstone which is known as amethyst today. In the history there are proves of birthstone uses so you can rely on it.

In the old and new both testimony of the Bible, gemstones were given significant importance. Especially in Exodus, the Jewish high priest wore a breastplate which contained 12 stones. On the shield, three stones were placed in each four rows to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. In Revelation, the last part of the Bible, St. John revealed the truth. He stated that the New Jerusalem has 12 beautiful gemstones laid in its foundation. It is thought that the Assyrians may be the first who attached gemstones with birthstones and provided the meanings in early 1400 B.C. during that time people were supposed to put on separate gem for separate moth. They believed that each gem will bring good luck on each month.

If you are still confused then you can ask your elders about birthstones. They may tell you some stories about birthstones. So, as a lucky charm thing or just gorgeous jewelry item birthstone ornaments are worth to be the special gift for your child on the next birthday. All you have to do is find out which is the stone connected with your child. You can find birthstone listing according to their months online.


Origin and listing of month birthstones

Origin and listing of month birthstones

Most of the people get introduced with the world of gems by holding hand of the birthstones. Birthstones have misty history and beginning. Ancient Babylonians and Indians both believed that specific gemstone carries extraordinary and amazing supernatural powers. It is thought that the Assyrians may be the first who attached gemstones with birthstones and provided the meanings in early 1400 B.C. during that time people were supposed to put on separate gem for separate moth. They believed that each gem will bring good luck on each month. Clever jewelers began to collect birthstones and sell them to the innocent people who believed in birthstones magical powers. 

In the old and new both testimony of the Bible, gemstones were given significant importance. According to the Exodus some people trusts that the idea was initiated from Aaron’s breast armor which had 12 stones in different places. On the shield surface, three stones were placed in each four rows to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. As we have no clear reason some people thought that he may wore it to match up the tribes of Israel. Another group of people states that those 12 stones were 12 months of the year and the zodiac signs. In Revelation, the last part of the Bible, St. John revealed the truth. He stated that the New Jerusalem has 12 beautiful gemstones laid in its foundation.

No matter what the beginning was, it’s very interesting about the idea of birthstones that you have a special gem connected with the month you were born. In fact, if you dig into the myths and legends of each stone it only gets more fun every time you think about them. They are garnet for the January, amethyst for the February, aquamarine for the March, diamonds are for the April, emerald for the May, pearl is for the June, ravishing ruby for July, peridot is for the August, Sumptuous sapphire for the September, opal for the October, topaz for the November and turquoise for the December. You can get one according to the month you born and enjoy its magical qualities. You don’t believe them right? There’s no problem to give it a try.

Knowing when a Pearl is Fake or Not

Considering purchasing pearl adornments? Have a family legacy made of pearl? A couple of straightforward tests can help you figure out if your pearl thing is a fake or the “genuine article” in a matter of minutes. Figure out what to look like and feel for the indications of a genuine pearl today and you’ll never need to stress over succumbing to impersonations again.

Here are more tips from National Pearl:

Rub the pearls against your front teeth. Hold maybe a couple pearls between your thumb and index finger and press them tenderly into the gnawing edge of your front teeth. Rub them against your teeth with a side-to-side movement. A genuine pearl will typically have a marginally harsh or lumpy surface from small scale-like flaws in its external layers of nacre. Fake pearls produced using glass or plastic will ordinarily be impeccably smooth.

You may need to brush your teeth before endeavoring this test to verify they’re perfect. Sustenance deposit from a late dinner can give false results.

Rub the pearls against one another. Hold a couple pearls in your fingers and tenderly rub them against one another. Feel for the slight impression of grating. Genuine pearls will for the most part produce a little rubbing when they rub against one another on the grounds that their external layers of nacre are not consummately smooth.

Fake pearls, then again, frequently have smooth coatings and will as a rule coast past one another when rubbed together.

Investigate your hands after this test. At the point when two pearls rub against one another, their external layers frequently disintegrate a little sum. On the off chance that you see a fine, fine, white deposit in the wake of rubbing your pearls, this is presumably powdered nacre — a sign that the pearls are genuine.

Check whether the pearls are flawlessly round. Since they’re results of nature, each genuine pearl is somewhat distinctive, much the same as snowflakes or fingerprints. Most pearls won’t be immaculate circles — they’ll typically be marginally elongated or have minor imperfections. On the off chance that your pearls look flawlessly round to you, there’s a decent risk they’re counterfeit.

It is workable for genuine pearls like those offered by National Pearl, to be superbly round. On the other hand, cases of these are extremely uncommon and for the most part bring a high cost.


Pentair kreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaner

Pentair kreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaner

The Pentair automatic pool cleaner is another of the flagship brands in the automatic pool cleaning sector. With the Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners considered as the most pocket friendly quality product in the market.t6he product wheels are designed specially to avoid tipping while in the process of cleaning the pool while at the same time it works on the four wheel mechanism making its navigation in the pool to be easy and ensures uninterrupted performance. The product is also attributed to be having a large bag capable of handling large amounts of dirt collected from the pool and in the process saves time in the removal of clogged dirt. Its large capacity ensures the bag is not easily clogged.


The Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners are retailed online at the lowest price of $ 395 and comes with its separate large bag at a cost of only $25 which makes this product the cheapest to assemble and so can be suitable for small scale domestic pool cleaning operations as well as the commercial pool cleaning services given its large debris bag attached which can enable it to operate for long. The only notable downside of this machine is that the horse pipe fitted to it when sold is too long and has to be trimmed to fit certain pool sizes, this can attract an extra cost but  usually not much.


This machine is found to be among the best pressure in pool side cleaners where it comes to pool vacuuming. It is fitted to a pressure pump and thus is able to utilize water pressure to clean the pool surface. Its tail scrubbing makes a gentle and thorough cleaning as the cleaner is navigated in the pool making the pool spotlessly clean.


The Pentairkreepy krauly LL 505G legend pressure automatic pool cleaners are found to be easy to use machines based on reports from the customers who have used it. It is an easy to install machine and so requires no extra professional expertise. The instruction manual is also easy to understand and is recommended for domestic pool cleaning.